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The Agency

LTCommunications was founded in 1992 as a Marketing, Promotions, Advertising and Public Relations firm targeting Emerging Markets. In the early years, the Agency provided services to mid- and large-sized corporations interested in expanding their outreach to multicultural consumers. Shortly thereafter the business community experienced a boom in Minority and Women-owned companies. LTCommunications was able to apply best practices and tap into this new market by creating campaigns designed to reach a mainstream audience.  


By incorporating a multi-faceted value-added portfolio of services, LTCommunications has created and executed a number of successful Public Relations, Public Awareness, and Promotions strategies, which served to establish and/or build upon the client's image. The agency's campaigns range from creating corporate Identity and branding strategies for startups and new product launches to leveraging a client's current brand awareness among a variety of consumer and business to business markets.


LTCommunication's business model seeks to build upon existing and new relationships with clients and strategic partners and incorporate the latest technology in order to provide an innovative, cutting-edge level of service.


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